Carpet & Rug Cleaning

A professional with experience in the cleaning industry will arrive at your home with industry level equipment that is designed for the best results. Our labor workers use commercial grade chemicals that smell wonderful and help restore your carpet to a satisfactory condition.

Carpet Dye & Repair

Our professionals can do spot removal and patch repair. If you have a small hole or rip in your carpet, our professionals can help you patch it. We also help clients with carpet dyeing if you have a stain that will not come out or if you just want a new look.

Air Duct Cleaning

Our professionals do air duct inspections, air duct cleaning, anti-allergen (rids of allergens), anti-microbial (helps to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria & helps with asthma and allergies, anti-deodorizer (rids of smells).

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile has become the new modern thing to do. When you first lay tile, its beautiful but after some time it can become worn and dingy looking. The grout starts to turn dark and this can be embarrassing when company comes over. We can help you restore your tile floor to beauty.

Emergency Services

24 Hour 7 Days a Week Emergency Flood Services. You can expect a quick response from our professionals. We help remove excess water and dry out your property quickly to lessen the amount of damage from flooding. We also do Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration.

Green Cleaning

Our team is trained & qualified to provide our customers with green cleaning (organic cleaning). This type of cleaning uses only eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for pets and people. The green chemicals that we use are approved by the EPA.

Apartment Complexes

We have spent many years building & maintaining long-term relationships with apartment complex owners and property managers all over the DFW area. We are glad to offer multiple services and special contract pricing for representatives with multiple properties.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

We have trained forensic restoration specialists who complete bio-hazard cleaning and decontamination. Staff is knowledgeable and certified by Restoration Sciences Academy for Trauma Scene Cleanup.