Green Cleaning

Our team is trained & qualified to provide our customers with green (organic cleaning). This type of cleaning uses only eco-friendly chemicals that are safe for pets and people. The green chemicals that we use are approved by the EPA.

Residential & Commercial Green Cleaning

Our team of professionals use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals for residential and commercial carpet cleaning. We can help you with carpets, upholstery and fabric. Check out our chemicals below.

Germicide, Fungicide, Tuberculocide, Virucide, Hospital Disinfectant

Polymer technology, leaves no sticky residue, phosphate free, butyl-free, VOC - compliant, EPA approved.

microban germicidal detergenthigh performance cleanerpre-spraychemspec carpet cleaner

Reasons why you might need this type of cleaning:

  • you have no idea how much bacteria your shoes bring into your house or office
  • you can get rid of nasty germs hanging out in not so obvious places
  • you can feel at ease when your toddler is crawling around on the carpet
  • your office employees will get sick less often & save you money on sick pay
  • you may not have to take as many prescriptions
  • your wife will love you

If you need green cleaning, contact us for a quote and book an appointment today!