Carpet Dye Repair Dallas Fort Worth

Do you have a small hole in your carpet? We can repair small holes by patching. We do small, medium and large patch jobs. We also do carpet dye repair for customers who maybe have a stain that is not removable or are tied of the old look. Some customers just want a brand new look so they choose to change the color of the carpet in order to give a new feel with less cost than replacing carpet.

Carpet Patch Repair

Small Patch (size of crayon box 2×4 or smaller)

Medium Patch (anything between 2×4 and 8.5×11)

Large Patch (size of a notebook 8.5×11)

Unfortunately, we do not patch anything larger than this.

Carpet Dye Repair

If your carpet isn’t worn out or thinning, this may be a great option for you! Carpet that is still fairly new or at least not too old, will hold up for more years to come. Using Carpet Dye will bring the beauty of your carpet back to life. This is also a great option for apartment managers and property managers who do not want to replace carpet due to a large stain.

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